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Scientific Notations provides personalized and comprehensive writing and editing services. I specialize in scientific documents, but I am also available to help with other projects.

Why use Scientific Notations

There are a variety of reasons a professional might need an experienced scientific writer and editor:

  • You have written a research paper, but English is not your first language and the manuscript requires editing before journal submission.

  • You have more articles, presentations, reports, manuscript reviews, and proposals to write than you can complete in your available time.

  • You could publish more if you could be relieved of manuscript preparation details (e.g., verifying and formatting references, or reducing word count to meet journal specifications).

An unruly stack of books, journals, files, binders, and loose papers.

  • You would like to publish some aging research results now languishing in your desk drawer.

  • You have a product you'd like to market to the scientific community, but need help with the technical manual and promotional materials.

Why not use an editor who works intensively with clients, acquires a good understanding of their subject matter, and can assist in development of documents and presentations instead of only copyediting? By contracting with Scientific Notations, you can have the benefits of working with a document specialist without having to hire an employee.

You keep control

Comprehensive services are available. You control costs by the level of service you request. You retain authorship of your document, and during editing, every effort is made to retain your original, unique voice. Suggested changes are clearly marked. All of your documents are treated as confidential information.

Business status and policies

  • Scientific Notations is a small, woman-owned business.
  • Work is normally billed at an hourly rate; however, a not-to-exceed price can be established.
  • You are responsible for the content of your manuscript. It is your responsibility to evaluate the accuracy of your material and the consequences of any suggested changes.

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