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Writing and developmental editing

I am available for projects as simple as a letter or as complex as a technical manuscript. When needed, I will work with your experts to create a product that bridges technical gaps between you and your readers.

Both library and internet research are available. The product can range from a short list of electronic and internet references to a thorough literature review culminating in an annotated bibliography.


Do you have an already-completed document that could use an objective review? I will review your draft for sound structure, logic, and clarity.



Low-magnification color photomicrograph of the anterior portion of the polychaete worm Neanthes arenaceodentata. The cream-colored prostomium, palps, cirri, and first few body segments are highlighted against a black background. The dorsal view reveals the red eyes and dorsal vessels. A slight iridescence of the upper body prompts us to reflect on the unexpected beauty of this animal.
Polychaete worm, Neanthes arenaceodentata
©2007 Scientific Notations

Low-magnification color photomicrograph of sitka spruce (Picea sitchensis) bud against a light background, showing bud scales and tips of surrounding needles.

Sitka spruce bud, Picea sitchensis
©2006 Scientific Notations

Final document preparation

I will structure your document to meet journal specifications, check references and reference formats, and create accessible files in portable document format (pdf) for online posting.


Often when you have worked on a manuscript for some time, it is difficult to see typographical errors, misspellings, and other small but potentially significant errors. I will do a thorough check of your product so that readers can focus on its content, not its typos.


Photographs, including low-magnification photomicrographs, can be provided in support of documents.

Other services

I will also verify data and calculations, and locally I am available for temporary technical help. If you need an extra pair of hands in the lab for a short time, consider using a mature, experienced, freelance scientist who understands the need for careful measurements and adherence to established procedures.


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